doctor helping a woman with her medication managmentTraditional medicine is vital to keeping us healthy.  The medications prescribed by primary care physicians as well as specialists need to be followed as instructed to obtain their desired effect. Regardless of age, we can sometimes forget to take medications from time to time.  And that’s why at Clover Hill, we have senior medication management in place to safeguard against missed medications, ensuring that every resident follows doctor’s orders.

Medication Management is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Safeguarding every resident’s health is what we do.  Whether it’s providing fun and engaging activities, creating a healthy and tasty dining experience, or providing a myriad of other support services, medication management is a critical part of day to day life for every senior resident at Clover Hill.  

Detailed plans need to be followed to make sure every resident is taking the right medication at the right time and in the right manner.  Sometimes that means taking medication with food or at a certain time of the day, multiple times per day.  Whatever the intended course prescribed by your doctor, Clover Hill will take every step necessary to securely store your mediations and make sure you get them when and how you need them.

And because Clover Hill prides itself on providing a more intimate setting, residents have the added benefit of knowing who they will be receiving their medications from every day.  This is important because not only does this provide an added layer of comfort and trust, but you can be assured that our staff will know your routine and regimen.


To learn more or if you have any questions regarding our medication management services, please contact us today.