Dining is one of the most anticipated events of the day at Clover Hill, and for good reason.  Not only is it a time to reconvene with friends and chat about your day, but it’s also a time to enjoy one of the most gratifying pleasures in life, food.  We go to great lengths to ensure that our private culinary services create menus that are diverse and satisfying.  Our Private Chef creates restaurant-worthy dishes beneficial to our resident’s health, pleasing even the most discriminating of palates. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in our family dining room and snacks are available upon request.  Residents eat every meal together as a family at a beautiful dining room table just like they’ve done their entire life.  And due to our boutique nature, we are easily able to rotate our menus to serve residents’ favorites on a regular basis.

In addition to the delicious dishes served, we are most proud of our nutritional program which goes to painstaking efforts to create offerings aimed at supporting mind and body.  We grow an organic garden on-site and include many seasonal ingredients and ‘super foods’ in order to support our Integrative Health initiative.  

In addition to our culinary program, we also provide a range of senior living amenities, including a vibrant activity programTo learn more about Clover Hill’s private culinary services and nutritional program, or our wonderful amenities, please contact us below.

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